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Spinel is the great impostor of gemstone history: many famous rubies in
crown jewels around the world are actually spinels. The most famous is the
Black Prince’s ruby, a magnificent 170-carat red spinel that now adorns the
Imperial State Crown of England in the British Crown Jewels after a long
history: Henry V even wore it on his battle helmet! The Timur ruby, a
361-carat red spinel now owned by Queen Elizabeth, has the names of
some of the Mughal emperors who previously owned it engraved on its
face: an undeniable pedigree!

In Burma (now known as Myanmar), where some of the most beautiful
colors are mined, spinel was recognised as a separate gem species as
early as 1587. In other countries the masquerade went on for hundreds of
years. Spinels were most often referred to as ‘balas rubies’, which may
have referred to their color or their country of origin.

In addition to beautiful rich reds, spinel can be found in a range of gorgeous
pastel shades of pink and purple. On spectacular spinel is a vivid hot pink
with a tinge of orange mined in Burma.  Spinel also comes in beautiful blue
tones called cobalt spinel, but these are very, very rare.

Because spinels made in a laboratory are often used for imitation birthstone
rings, many people think ‘synthetic’ when they hear the name spinel.

In addition to Burma, spinel is mined in Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and
Tadzhikistan, part of the former Soviet Union.

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