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Citrine’s name is derived from “citron,” a lemon-like fruit.  Citrine is a variety of
quartz; colors range from pale yellow to yellowish-brown and “Madeira” red.
The most popular fashion colors are the vivid yellows and oranges. It is often
mistaken for yellow or golden topaz. Citrine is readily available, very
affordable in large sizes and stands up well to daily wear. Its earthy tones
complement many wardrobes. Citrine is often seen in jewelry combined with
amethyst, blue topaz and pink tourmaline.

People once carried citrine as a protective talisman against the plague, bad
skin and evil thoughts. It was also used as a charm against the bites of
snakes and other venomous reptiles.  Citrine is said to rid the holder of anger
and sadness.  It also served to protect him or her from sudden death.

The leading producer of citrine is Brazil.

   449 Broadway    Bayonne, NJ 07002