Abramson's Jewelers

Our Services

Jewelry Repair

At Abramson's Jewelers, we pride ourselves on our customer service. If you have a piece of jewelry that is broken and in need of repair, we will gladly repair your item with the utmost care. We size rings, attach catches, replace stones, replace parts, and repair splits and breaks. If your white gold jewelry looks dull, we do Rhodium finishing.

Watch Repair

If your wristwatch or pocket watch needs any kind of service, just bring it to us for a FREE ESTIMATE. We have a large selection of watch bands in genuine leather and speidel metal. We have batteries for just about every watch. Crystals, stems, crowns, and mainsprings are just a few of the repairs offered. we also do overhauls, movement replacements and dial refinishing. With any overhaul or movement replacement, you will receive a 6 month guarantee on all internal parts.

The guarantee will be void if your watch is abused, tampered with, worked on by others than Abramson's Jewelers, or if any other faulty parts cause the movement to fail. Due to temperature and atmospheric changes, or mishandling of the watch, mainsprings can not be guaranteed.


We offer an appraisal service based on over 33 years experience. We have Gemological Institute of America Certificates in Diamonds, Diamond Grading, and Gold & Precious Metals. Our appraisal is a detailed document with a current price of the appraised item which can be used for insurance purposes. It does not reflect an offer to buy or replace the appraised item.

The size and quality of the appraised item is estimated to the best of our ability. We assume no liability with respect to any action that may be taken on the basis of this appraisal. Opinions may reasonably vary depending on many conditions. The replacement cost is based on a variety of these conditions. ~ The appraisal is not an offer to purchase or replace the appraised item(s).