Abramson's Jewelers

About Us

Abramson’s Jewelers was established in 1925 by the Abramson family. It was located at 480 Broadway on 22nd street (where Pompeii Pizza is). Maurice Abramson, an artist, took over the business from his father. He created one of a kind, hand made jewelry that the store sold. There was always a jeweler and watchmaker on the premises. It was a time when jewelry stores sold everything from jewelry, dishes, appliances, and serving sets. In 1945 the store moved several stores over to 484 Broadway. At that time, they purchased a street clock from another jeweler, Sam Cooper. The clock is believed to have been made around 1913 by the Brown Street Clock Co. When the Abramson family purchased the clock, they had it electrified so they wouldn’t have to climb a ladder to wind it.

In the early 1960’s, The Abramson family sold the business and the building to Al Wein, who was a charm salesman that frequented the store. The variety of merchandise grew to include electric razors and luggage. On March 1, 1971, Mr. Wein hired Frank Anderson to manage the store. Frank had been working at jewelry stores in Journal Square in Jersey City. He had vast experience and knowledge in the jewelry business.

Due to his dedication and work ethic, in the late 80’s, Mr. Wein approached Frank about buying the business. Frank was eager to take over and in September of 1988, hired his son-in-law, Jerry Rooth to take over his managerial duties. On September 19, 1989, Frank Anderson became the third owner of Abramson’s Jewelers.

In 2001, Mr. Anderson approached the city of Bayonne concerning the donation of the street clock to the city of Bayonne. There were several attempts in the past to make the clock a landmark, but it fell short of the criteria. Mr. Anderson felt that by donating the clock, it would insure that the people of Bayonne would be able to check their watches to the time on it, and relish a piece of Broadway history. The city anxiously accepted the offer and worked on refurbishing the clock. According to the agreement, the name “Abramson’s Jewelers” was to always remain on the face of the clock.

The lease on 484 Broadway expired in mid 2005, and after Al Wein passed away, the building was sold, and an agreement concerning a new lease could not be reached. Frank and Jerry went on a search to find a new home for their 80 year old business. On Oct. 5, 2005, they had a grand re-opening at 449 Broadway on 20th Street and Broadway. The clock stayed at 484 Broadway. The location was the only thing that changed for the jewelers. The customer service, quality merchandise and fair prices came with them.

On February 26, 2009, Frank Anderson passed away. At the time of his death, Frank was just shy of his 38th year with Abramson’s Jewelers. In October of 2009, Jerry took over the store. He continues to welcome old and new customers into the warm, friendly, knowledgeable environment to find that special gift, or just say hi.