About Us

Abramson’s Jewelers was established in 1925 by the Abramson family. It was located at 480 Broadway on 22nd street (where Pompeii Pizza is). Maurice Abramson, an artist, took over the business from his father. He created one of a kind, hand made jewelry that the store sold. There was always a jeweler and watchmaker on the premises. It was a time when jewelry stores sold everything from jewelry, dishes, appliances, and serving sets.

In 1945 the store moved several stores over to 484 Broadway. At that time, they purchased a street clock from another jeweler, Sam Cooper .




Birthstone of the Month

~ december ~ blue topaz

Topaz is found in a variety of colors including: brown, red, orange, pink, sherry, yellow as well as colorless. Imperial Topaz is used to denote a stone that is reddish orange. Green and blue topaz are naturally very pale, they are often irradiated to produce more intense colors.





Featured Products

At Abramson’s Jewelers, we carry a large selection for every special occassion and for “Just Because”.