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Some ancient writers claimed the Ten Commandments were written on
sapphire. Ancient marriage partners had great faith in the stone, believing it
would not shine if worn by the wicked or impure. They were reported to be
an excellent all-purpose medicine; an antidote against poison and having
the power to stop bleeding and cure disorders of the eye. Sapphires were
considered to be so powerful they continued to protect the original owner
even after being sold.

The throne of celestial judgment is supposed to rest on sapphire. According
to the Book of Revelation, it is the second stone in the foundation of the
New Jerusalem.

One ancient writer noted that "the figure of a ram or bearded man
engraved on a sapphire has the power to cure a person from many
ailments and free him from poison or demons." At the time it was believed
to remove all impurities and foreign matter from the eyes. It is said that
Charles IV used an oval sapphire for this purpose.

Oriental tradition described the sapphire as a guiding gem, one that
warded off evil omens and brought good fortune to its owner. the
nineteenth century explorer Sir Richard Burton, who translated The Arabian
Nights, owned a large sapphire and claimed that it brought good horses
and prompt service wherever he went.

Ranging from pale sky-blue to the deepest indigo, the sapphire was
believed to have the power to attract divine favor. Ever since it was called
the "gem of gems" by the bishop of Rennes in the twelfth century, it has
been a favorite for ecclesiastical rings. The ancient Egyptians said that
wearing a sapphire would make the stars move into a favorable position
and that the star sapphire -- a sapphire in which the crystalline structure
reflects light in the form of a six-rayed star -- appeared especially for this

Since the sapphire was supposed to produce such beneficent magic, evil
could not prevail in its presence. The very proximity of the stone would kill
reptiles as well as venomous insects. The sapphire was long honored as a
talisman against evil spirits. When King Solomon adopted the sapphire for
his seal, the stone became even more of a symbol of wisdom and clear
thinking. This latter quality is the one it still represents today as the
birthstone of September.

Some believe that its powers include inner peace and spiritual
enlightment.   It is also believed to heal those afflicted with mental illness
and rheumatism. Sapphires are thought to help in telpathy and clairvoyance
as well as an antidepressant.  The sapphire is a symbol of loyalty and trust.

Sri Lanka, Australia, East Africa and Southeast Asia are the main sources
of sapphires.