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Accredited Gemologist Association – AGA
Founded in: 1974
Founded by: Antonio “Tony” Bonanno (as alumnae of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain)

Accredited Gemologist Association was envisioned as a network for sharing gemological information and skills. Aga is an international organization of all beliefs and cultures and shares a common bond of the love of gemstones. AGA believes in excellence and is dedicated to establishing the highest professional standards of practice. The AGA is an independent, international, nonprofit organization of degreed gemologists dedicated to advanced gemological education & research, identification & evaluation of gem materials and development of professional standards of analysis, practice & ethics.

G-Force Services
3315 Juanita Street,
San Diego, CA 92105
Phone: (619) 501-5444

American Gem Trade Association – AGTA
Founded in: 1984
Founded by: Leon Ritzler, Roland Naftule and Ray Zajicek

American Gem Trade Association represents the interests of the natural colored gemstone, pearl and cultured pearl industries in the United States and Canada. Additionally, the AGTA promotes, maintains and perpetuates the highest ethical standards and inter-industry communication among the Members of AGTA and within the colored gemstone industry.

AGTA also protects the natural colored gemstone, pearl and cultured pearl industries, related industries and ultimately, the consumer from fraud, abuse, misrepresentation and deceptive advertising related to colored gemstones. AGTA provides awareness, knowledge and educates natural colored gemstone industries, related industries and the consumer about natural colored gemstones, pearls and cultured pearls. The Association also hosts the annual trade show, AGTA GemFair Tucson and the AGTA Spectrum Awards design competition.

3030 LBJ Freeway, Suite 840,
Dallas, TX 75234
Phone: (214) 742-4367 | (800) 972-1162
Fax: (214) 742-7334

Gemological Institute of America – GIA
Founded in: 1931
Founded by: Wichita jeweler Robert M. Shipley

Gemological Institute of America is the world’s largest and most respected nonprofit institute of gemological research and learning. GIA discovers (through GIA Research), imparts (through GIA Education), and applies (through the GIA Gem Laboratory and GIA Gem Instruments) gemological knowledge to ensure the public trust in gems and jewelry.

GIA provides training in gemology, jewelry manufacturing arts, and business, awarding cettificates of completion/diplomas to those who complete a course of training in residence or home study, or via classes held in various cities. In addition, GIA GEM Instruments & Books carries one of the largest selections of jewelry and lapidary-related instruments and books.

GIA is the creator of the famous 4Cs of diamond value (color, clarity, cut, and carat weight). Itis also the corporate birthplace of the International Diamond Grading System™. Today, GIA’s D-Z color-grading scale and GIA’s Flawless-13 clarity-grading scale are recognized by virtually every professional jeweler and sawy diamond buyer in the world. The Institute is also known for having developed and patented the first modern jeweler’s loupe.

The Robert Mouawad Campus,
5345 Armada Drive,
Carlsbad, CA 92008
Phone: (760) 603-4000 | (800) 421-7250 | Fax: (760) 603-4080

Jewelers’ Security Alliance – JSA
Founded in: 1883

Jewelers! Security Alliance is a non-profit crime-prevention association with 21,000 members that has been providing crime information and assistance to the jewelry industry and law enforcement since 1883. JSA gives information and alerts to jewelers and consumers about crimes in the jewelry industry. JSA provides electronic and print bulletins, a jewelry security manual, consulting advice, a Web site, and training seminars on how to reduce losses from burglary, robbery, and theft. JSA also works closely with the FBI and local law enforcement agencies, sharing its data and analysis in order to further the war on jewelry crime.

6 East 45th Street,
New York, NY 10017
Phone: (800) 537-0067 | Fax: (212) 808-9168

European Gemological Laboratory USA – EGL USA

EGL USA is one of the largest and oldest independent gemological institutions focusing on gemstone cettification and research. Originally part of an international network founded in Europe in 1974, EGL USA opened its first U.S. lab in the heart of New York’s international diamond and jewelry district in 1977.

In 1986 EGL USA became independently owned. Today the EGL USA Group has laboratories in New York
City, Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Toronto. EGL USA is not affiliated with any other EGL labs outside North

In 1999 EGL USA initiated a Research Department to respond to the changing needs of the jewelry industry. tis one of only a few labs worldwide doing advanced research in gemology. Certificates & Grading Reports.

Diamond Report

  • Full Page Documents
  • Mini-size Documents
  • Colored Gem / Pearl Reports
  • Full Page Documents
  • Mini-size Documents
  • Laser Inscription
  • Jewelry Webguard™ Certificate

EGL USA – New York
6 West 4ath Street,
New York, NY 10036
Phone: (212) 730-7380 | Fax: (212) 842-5180

EGL USA – Los Angeles
550 South Hill, Suite 840,
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Phone: (877) 893-8593 | Fax: (213) 534-2224

International Gemological Institute – IGI

IGlis the largest independent gem certification and appraisal institute with operations worldwide. Over the past three decades, IGI’s commitment to quality services, extensive experience, expertise and its longstanding reputation for reliability and integrity have made IGI the standard of excellence in gemology and fine jewelry evaluation worldwide.

IG|, the oldest institute of its kind in Antwerp, was founded in 1975 and along with its sister laboratories, is one of the leading gemological institutions worldwide. IGlis also the only international certification lab wholly owned and controlled by one central governing body, which ensures consistency in IGI reports across the globe. In adhering to the one internationally accepted system for diamond grading, IGI offers its clients peace of mind.

For over 30 years, IGI has provided the fine jewelry community and consumers with a broad range of setvices including: independent diamond grading reports, colored stone reports, identification and appraisal reports, diamond authentication and attestation of origin, laser inscription services, and diamond and colored stone courses offered through IGI’s School of Gemology.

Today, IGlissues more than one million reports per year, which is notable considering that 10 years ago only diamond dealers were using gemological reports. Consumers are now more demanding and quality conscious about the products they buy and as such, the majority of quality gem and jewelry items are sold with gemological reports.

Certificates & Grading Reports

  • Identification Report
  • Appraisal Report
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Jewelry Summation
  • Attestation of Origin

IG|- New York
589 Fifth Avenue,
New York, NY 10017
Phone: (212) 753-7100 | Fax: (212) 753-7759

IG|- Los Angeles
550 South Hill Street,
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Phone: (213) 955-0008 | Fax: (213) 955-8060

American Geological Institute – AGI
Founded in: 1948

American Geological Institute is a nonprofit federation of 44 scientific and professional associations that represent more than 120,000 geologists, geophysicists, and other earth scientists. AGI provides information services, serves as a voice of shared interests for its member societies and the geoscience community, plays a major role in strengthening geoscience education and strives to increase public understanding of the vital role the geosciences play in society’s use of resources and interaction with the environment.

4220 King Street,
Alexandria, VA 22302-1502
Phone: (703) 379-2480 | Fax: (703) 379-7563

American Gem Society- AGS
Founded in: 1934

Founded by: A select group of independent jewelers and Robert M. Shipley, founder of the prestigious school of gemology, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

American Gem Society was established with a vision to create an association dedicated to setting and maintaining the highest possible standards of business ethics and professionalism in the jewelry industry, Today, American Gem Society members continue their dedication to ethics, knowledge and consumer protection.

Only a small percentage of those who apply for membership in the American Gem Society are awarded membership. In order for a firm to become a member of the American Gem Society they must meet the certain criteria. The firm owners, principals or employees must have a high level of gemological knowledge and must demonstrate that they are genuinely interested in high business ethics and the firm exemplifies this belief. The firm must hold a reputation for unquestioned integrity in the business community and must be operated in a way that will enhance the confidence of the public in the jewelry industry. Also the firm must be a retail or supplier jewelry business that has been established for at least two years and has demonstrated financial stability.

8881 W. Sahara Avenue,
Las Vegas, NV 89117
Phone: (702) 255-6500 | (866) 805-6500

Jewelers Board of Trade – JBT
Founded in: 1885

Jewelers Board of Trade is dedicated to the welfare of its members and the jewelry industry overall, providing industry specific credit information, collections and marketing services. It also provides collection services and wholesale and retail jewelry mailing listlabel information to its members. JBT is active in numerous trade shows and industry events and offers educational programs on relevant industry topics.

P.O. Box 6928,
Providence, RI 02940
Phone: (401) 467-0055 | Fax: (401) 467-1199

Jewelers of America – JA

Founded in: 1906

Founded by: American Retail Jewelers Association and National Retail Jewelers Association formed together the American National Retail Jewelers Association (ANRJA).

Jewelers of America is among the oldest associations of retail jewelers in the United States. JA is the national trade association for retail jewelers and offers assistance to all its members in improving their business skills and profitability. JA provides access to meaningful educational programs and services, provides leadership in public and industry affairs and encourages its members with common interests to act in their and the industry’s best interest.

52 Vanderbilt Ave, 19th Floor,
New York, NY 10017
Phone: (646) 658-0246 | (800) 223-0673 | Fax: (646) 658-0256

Jewelers Vigilance Committee – JVC
Founded in: 1912
Founded by: The Good and Welfare Committee of the National Jewelers Board of Trade

Jewelers Vigilance Committee provides education and self-regulation to the jewelry industry. JVC promotes fair competition by maintaining the highest ethical principles by governing the jewelry industry, keeps trade informed of laws and regulations and monitors industry advertisements. The committee also fights unfair trade practices and helps prosecute violators of jewelry industry laws.

25 West 45th Street, Suite 1406,
New York, NY 10036
Phone: (212) 997-2002 | Fax: (212) 997-9148

Gemological Institute of America – GIA

GIA is considered the world’s most trusted name in diamond grading and gemstone identification. Since 1931, GIA has been dedicated to ensuring the public trust in gems and jewelry by upholding the highest standards of integrity, academics, science, and professionalism. Itis the corporate birthplace of the international Diamond Grading System™ and the creator of the famous 4Cs of diamond value — color, clarity, cut, and carat weight.

GIA’s D-to-Z color-grading scale and Flawless-to-I3 clarity-grading scale are recognized by gem and jewelry professionals everywhere. And, by extension, the GIA Diamond Grading Report, Diamond Dossier®, and Gemological Identification Report are considered the world’s premier gemological credentials.

With laboratories in New York, California, Bangkok, an additional research facility in Antwerp, 14 campuses, and more than 1,100 employees worldwide, the Institute’s diamond graders, researchers, and educators are regarded, collectively, as the world’s foremost authority in gemology. And together, they carry on GIA’s proud tradition of research, discovery, and education.

Certificates & Grading Reports

  • GIA Diamond Grading Report with Cut Grade
  • GIA Diamond Grading Report
  • GIA Diamond Dossier with Cut Grade
  • GIA Diamond Dossier
  • GIA Gem Identification Report
  • GIA – New York

Laboratory Headquarters
580 Fifth Avenue, Suite 200,
New York, NY 10036
Phone: (242) 221-5858 | Fax: (212) 575-3095
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GIA – Carlsbad
The Robert Mouawad Campus
5345 Armada Drive,
Carlsbad, CA 92008
Phone: (760) 603-4500 | Fax: (760) 603-1814
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The American Gem Society Laboratories – AGSLAB

The AGS Laboratories is the world’s premier diamond grading laboratory for diamond cut, the premier
laboratory to offer a diamond cut grade for fancy shapes such as princess cut and emerald cut, and the
foremost diamond grading laboratory created to protect the consumer. AGS Laboratories diamond grading
reports offer an easy-to-read grading scale that provides a simple basis for comparison to other diamond
reports. The AGS Laboratories Diamond Reports provide you with all the information you need to make the
best possible buying decision.

The AGS Laboratories have provided high-quality diamond grading services since 1996. AGS Laboratories has maintained its reputation as an industry leader through its innovative approaches to diamond grading and consistent adherence to the American Gem Society’s standards and ethics of consumer protection.

Certificates & Grading Reports

  • Diamond Quality™ Analysis
  • Diamond Quality™ Document
  • Diamond Quality™ Report
  • Diamond Consuttation™
  • Laser Inscription

Phone: (702) 233-6120 | Fax: (702) 233-6125

IG|- Los Angeles
550 South Hill Street,
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Phone: (213) 955-0008 | Fax: (213) 955-8060